Parents play a crucial role in the educational and all-round development of their children. What children learn in their classroom has to be reinforced and supported by parents as, in the growing years, children continue to imbibe even outside the school. 

At DIA Al Barsha we believe strongly in engaging our parent community with our school staff to work together to support and improve the learning, development, and health of our students.  This relationship cuts across and reinforces children’s health and learning in multiple settings—at home, in school, in out-of-school programs, and in the community.  Research shows that parent engagement in schools is closely linked to better student behaviour, higher academic achievement, and enhanced social skills.

We also offer several opportunities for parents to come in to the school and offer voluntary support in our various community and cultural events.  In fact, parents play a pivotal role in the success of these events as they bring with them their rich social and professional experiences.


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