Dubai International Academy, Al Barsha believes in using Technology as a tool to enhance learning for all students. We strive to build learning environments which use technology to enable our students to explore their own ideas and develop themselves as holistic learners.

We have two fully equipped Digital Design Labs in secondary along with two ICT suites in the primary. In order to built state of the art video editing skills in our students, we have greens screen studios in both primary and secondary sections of the school.

Our student get access to a variety of software and apps which strengthens the curriculum concepts, showcase their achievements and help them organise themselves like SeeSaw , EFL, RAZ KidsSoftware, Century Tech and Managebac etc. These tools are not only reinforcing their knowledge of curriculum but proving to be a great way to build strong home and school partnership which is necessary for holistic learning.


Employing modern technologies to create a world-class learning and teaching environment that delivers personalised learning experiences for all students.


We seek to use technology as a powerful tool to fuel personalised learning, helping to realise the aspirations of every student. We aim to develop skills in our students that transcend across curricular areas, providing our students with the skills they need to successfully live and work in the 21st century. Our approach will ensure that technology is an integral and ubiquitous part of flexible and relevant learning environments. Students will be challenged to harness technology responsibly and effectively and to think critically and creatively to apply to real life situations.


  • To use the power of technology to personalise the learning experience for students.
  • To enhance the learning experiences of our students through the use of the latest available technology.
  • To lead the learning process with the help of dedicated and knowledgeable staff.
  • To enable continuous online interaction between students, parents, and teachers through advanced systems.
  • To build a culture of continuous inquiry and improvement in awareness of the applications of technology.


  • To develop modern learning environments which cater to the individual learning needs of our students.
  • To raise student attainment and accelerate levels of progress through the effective use of technology into the curriculum.
  • To triangulate communication between students, parents and teachers through the effective use of technology.
  • To ensure that all educators effectively integrate technology into learning and teaching.
  • To ensure all students are responsible digital citizens.


Our BYOD programme starts from Grade 3 with the use of IPads moving onto use of laptop and macbooks in secondary aims to ensure students have full time access to a laptop or MacBook for enhancing their studies. By using their own device, students are also able to continue to study effectively outside of formal lessons, be it during Study Hall or recreation time in school, or in the evenings and weekends at home. 

To support our BYOD programme, we also have technology suites in school which can be used for accessing specialised programmes such as CAD, Mathematical Graphing, Robotics and Movie Making.

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